Food and Medicine

I’ve shared many recipes that include powerful ingredients that can help prevent disease and illnesses, such as these 3 recipes:

  1. Baked Purple Potato Fries,
  2. Roasted Broccoli,
  3. And my favorite Simple Kale Salad.

Eating more fresh fruits and veggies offers many benefits, including strengthening your immune system, so increasing the amount of fruits and veggies eaten every day is one of the first things I tackle when working with my clients as their Health Coach.

But sometimes no matter how much kale we eat, we get sick and have to go see a Doctor.  Most times this Doctor’s visit will end with a prescription in your hand.


The American Recall Center is hosting National Drug Facts Week (January 26th– February 1st) to help spread awareness and start a conversation about pharmaceuticals. In this spirit, I’d like to discuss the importance of understanding prescription medications.  In my Health Coaching practice, I focus on educating my clients on whole foods and how a healthy diet can help improve your overall wellness.  I help people understand how food impacts their health.  The food you eat can impact your health, and so can the medications you take.  As a Health Coach, I’ll never tell a client to stop taking their medication.  But I do encourage my clients to feel empowered to understand their medications.  It is important to talk to your Doctor and even serve as your own advocate and do your own research when possible to be fully aware of any side effect and long-term impacts.  Improper use of medication can cause serious health problems.


Additionally, doing some research about your medications, including those you are taking long-term, and talking to your Doctor about side effects is very important.  As an example, Xarelto, a blood thinner, has some very serious side effects, including uncontrollable internal bleeding that can lead to death.

During my training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, we watched a documentary film that shed some light on the Pharmaceutical Industry and helped provide some valuable insights and considerations.  To celebrate National Drug Facts Week, I highly recommend checking out this free, on-line documentary called “Big Bucks, Big Pharma” to learn more about your medications and talk to your Doctor if you have questions or concerns.

Question for you:  What did you think about the documentary?  Was there a particular aspect that stood out for you?  Let’s start the conversation!






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