Guest Blogger – Happy Healthy Holidays in December

I’m off at the Oregon Coast talking lots of walks on the beach with Matt and my Greyhounds!  So today you’ll get some great tips from my fellow Health Coach, Katie.  Katie blogs over at GlamGirlGlow and I’ve enjoyed reading about her travels, essential oils and her adorable puppy Felix. She recently hooked me up with some healthy goodies from Wildtree.  I’ll be doing some recipe testing in the near future and will share on the blog soon.


Merry Christmahannukwanzikah!  I’m Katie of and a classmate of Reni’s at IIN.  I’m so excited to be sharing here with you today.  I’ve had Reni guest post on my blog several times and they’re some of my favorite posts.  I even made her Autumn Quinoa Salad for my family for Thanksgiving.  I love Reni’s take a doing 3 things in every blog post so when she asked me to write about my healthy holiday tips, I knew I had to do a top 3 list.  So, here are my top 3 tips to making it a healthy and happy holiday season!

Top Tips from Katie

  1.  Take time for you.  For real, this is probably the most important thing you can do.  As women, we often feel the need to take care of everyone else’s needs before our own.  And at this time of year, we’re normally far more preoccupied with finding the perfect gift, making sure everyone has enough to eat and drink at parties, getting the kids to all of their functions.  But we need to take time for ourselves or our own health will deteriorate.  Take five minutes a day to do some journaling (I LOVE doing morning pages).  Take a bubble bath.  Treat yourself to a matcha latte or get a pedicure.  There are probably 1,001 different ways to treat yourself at this time of year.  Pick one a day and write it into your schedule so you can’t miss it!
  1.  Drink enough water.  I know Reni has mentioned this recently but I don’t think it can be emphasized enough.  Many people tend to be drinking more unhealthy drinks at this time of year— think fancy coffee, adult beverages, soda— which dehydrates you.  You might be low on energy, so you’re more likely to drink more caffeine.  Your skin is drier.  You’re hungover from a few too many glasses of champagne.  All of these issues can be improved by simply drinking more water.  Don’t like the flavor?  Infuse it with some fresh or frozen fruit or herbs (mint in water is divine!).  Try coconut water!  Some health experts claim that it is even more hydrating than water— just be sure to read the label and check for extra icky ingredients and sugar.  Plus, studies show that you’re more likely to make healthy food choices if you’re well hydrated!  It all comes full circle.
  1.  Have an attitude of gratitude and kindness.  It can be easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays.  It’s easy to feel annoyed by the crowds of holiday shoppers; to be upset when you go to buy that perfect gift for your friend and it’s sold out.  And it’s easy to overlook that there may be people who are not as fortunate as you.  Putting a smile on someone else’s face is one of the easiest ways to turn that annoyance around.  And doing something nice for someone doesn’t have to be as costly as paying for the five people behind you at Starbuck’s.  Hold the door for someone who seems to be really struggling to carry all of their bags.  Leave an extra dollar for a tip.  One of my favorites is at the Barnes and Noble book drive— I always try to donate a book for an older child, because they’re often forgotten about.  Count your blessings.  Take a minute every day to be thankful for the things you have.  And then pay it forward somehow.

So that’s it!  Cheers to having a happy and healthy season and to heading into the New Year as your best self!
Questions for you:  What is your favorite way to show yourself some love?  Do you like to keep room in your budget for it?  Or try to keep it free?  Have you performed any random acts of kindness this year?  I’d love to hear about them if you have!


One of my blog resolutions for next year is to host more guest bloggers.  Post a comment below or send me an email ( with the topic you’d like to write about.




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