Travel Blender – Kitchen Gadgets in November

This past spring and summer, I had a lot of smoothies for breakfast or as a post-workout snack – like this Straw-Ban-Kale Smoothie or this Green Smoothie.  This summer, during my PiYo Challenge, I started drinking Shakeology, which added a nutritional boost to my daily smoothie.  Then, this past September, Matt and I did a 3 Day Cleanse, which involved a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as some Shakeology smoothies, so I invested in a travel sized blender Matt could take to work to make his smoothies during the day.

There are many types of blenders on the market in all shapes and sizes, but I picked this one because it was small enough to be portable and because it wasn’t too expensive.  I picked it up at Target for $49.99, and it included several tops and attachments as well as a recipe book:


Now, we use this handy gadget every day to make our breakfast smoothies. Here are 3 reasons I like having a mini-blender in my kitchen arsenal:

  • The convenient mug tops help us reduce the # of  dishes we use each day and make clean up a snap.
  • It is small enough to pack up when we are traveling so we can continue to have a healthy meal or snack, even when we are on the go.
  • I’ve also used it for food-processor type projects, like making homemade pesto.

The blender now sits out on our kitchen counter, in front of our coffee maker since Matt and I have both quit drinking coffee every day.  Here it is just this morning as I was making my strawberry smoothie with chia seeds:


Smoothies are a great way to add extra fruits and vegetables into your daily routine and can also be a great substitute for a less healthy sweet treat, like ice cream.  This small blender would be a great gift for anyone looking to get healthy, and who might be short on time and kitchen storage space.

Question for you:  Do you have a favorite kitchen gadget? The Stressed Baker likes her Kitchen Aid mixer – how about you?



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