Late Summer Seasonal Salad – Salads in September

I was able to get all the produce for this salad at my local Farmers Market today to whip up dinner – talk about fresh!  A little chopping, and quick whisk for the simple, homemade dressing, and viola!  I am truly working to get the most out of my local market for the next month or so while it is still around… Here are 3 reasons to hit up your local Farmers Market before the season ends:

  1. Cheaper Organic Fruits and Veggies.  I was able to get big beautiful red bell peppers for $1 each, and green peppers 2 for $1.  My grocery store is currently charging around $3.99 each.
  2. Stock up for the colder months.  I love my morning smoothies with fresh, local berries.  I plan to buy in bulk and then freeze what I won’t eat in the next 2 days so I can enjoy my Oregon berries well into winter.
  3. Supporting my local Farmers.  I want them to succeed and to come back next year so I can keep buying amazing locally grown goodies at a good price just steps from my front door.

Late Summer Seasonal Salad



Ingredients / Nutrition Info:



Easy Lime Vinaigrette Dressing:



  • Wash all your produce
  • Add all the dressing items into a bowl and whisk
  • Remove the tough stems and roughly chop the chard
  • Place chard in the bowl with dressing and stir to evenly coat – divide into 2 serving bowls
  • Chop the cucumber and peppers into bite size pieces – divide evenly and place on top of the greens
  • Slice all the cherry tomatoes in half and place even amounts on each salad
  • Sprinkle almonds evenly across the 2 salads

Questions for you:  Have you been getting in any late summer trips to your local Farmers Market?  What did you buy?







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