A 3 Day Cleanse – Salads in September

While September often brings the first signs of fall, I’m hanging on to late summer and want to enjoy all the fresh produce at my local Farmers Market by eating lots of fresh and flavorful salads. Perhaps my salad cravings are a result of doing a 3 Day Cleanse after Labor Day to kick start some new healthy habits.

Here are my 3 highlights from the cleanse:

1) Personally, I lost 5 pounds. While weight loss wasn’t my main goal with the cleanse, I was pretty psyched to shed a few.
2) I got to eat real food! I’ve blogged about my juice cleanses in the past, and how I missed eating and the process of cooking and preparing food. This cleanse eliminated animal protein, dairy, gluten, caffeine and alcohol, but it included nutritional smoothies, fruit, veggies and healthy fats (like avocado and hummus). Every night for dinner I got to prepare and eat a big salad using new recipes I’d never tried before, which was super fun (and I’ll share the recipes this month on my blog).
3) I got to coach a group of fellow-cleansers and was inspired by their dedication and enthusiasm! They lost 32 pounds (across 9 people) and adopted some healthy habits, like drinking more water, doing yoga at night before bed, eating more raw veggies and benefited from feeling more energetic and positive in general.

Here is an example of one of my lunches:


And a dinner:


Full disclosure, not everyone lost weight. And not everyone liked the cleanse drink options. I respect that, given my understanding of bio-individuality – what works for one person might not work for another. But the majority of the feedback is positive and I’m looking forward to doing this cleanse in the future and hosting more on-line group coaching. If any of my blog readers are intrigues, post a comment and I can add you to my waiting list for my next cleanse, or I can tell you about my next on-line fitness and nutrition challenge group starting 9/22.

Stay tuned for more salads this month!

Questions for you: Have you ever tried a cleanse? Do you have a favorite fall veggie?



3 thoughts on “A 3 Day Cleanse – Salads in September

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