Dog Days of Summer – August End of Summer Awesomeness

Happy National Dog Day!  Apparently this is a thing, an awesome end of summer holiday if you ask me.  I celebrated in the following ways:

  1. I took my Greyhounds, Lucie and Buddy, for a walk – and I even let Buddy lay in the sunshine for a little while before herding them back inside where I had work waiting for me.
  2. The Hounds will get a special chewy treat after their dinner.  And an extra belly rub.  And a few ear scratches.  A few more than usual.
  3. And finally – I registered for Race for the Rescues!

I signed up for the 1K, which is probably the shortest race I’ve ever registered for, but that is the right length for my 40-mile-per-hour couch potatoes:


The donations raised through Race For The Rescues will be used to help save the lives of once forgotten dogs, cats and horses and help them become cherished family members. As well as preventing cruelty to farm animals and providing important programs to the community such as veterinary care for the pets of low-income families and free spay and neuter clinics.  One of the benefactors of this event is Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest, the organization through which we adopted our second dog, Buddy and where I’ve donated both my time and money to support the wonderful work they do to help find forever homes for Retired Racing Greyhounds.  As I’ve mentioned before, Greyhounds make wonderful pets!  These sweet gentle giants are actually great apartment dogs and are VERY mellow.  We always get asked if they need a lot of exercise, and the truth is they don’t – my dogs sleep about 23 hours a day, which is why a 1K race will be perfect for them.  Please take a moment and check out my fundraising page and consider making a donation to this great cause.

Question for you:  Do you have a favorite animal rescue organization?


6 thoughts on “Dog Days of Summer – August End of Summer Awesomeness

  1. What a great fundraiser!! Greyhounds are the BEST! People are always so surprised I have a big greyhound in a studio apartment, but it has never been a problem! Haha and she sleeps about 23 hours a day too 🙂


  2. I had a local animal shelter that I used to volunteer at. I loved it. I thought that they did really nice work. They sponsor a K9 5k every year, and this is the first year since it stated that I can’t participate. So I’m a little disappointed about that.


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