Nectarines – August End of Summer Awesomeness

Today I stopped by neighborhood Farmers Market and picked up a few things I don’t normally get, including a couple of nectarines, as I try to mix up my end-of-summer palette. In past week’s I’ve been loading up on berries before they are out of season. Today I decided to branch out – Nectarines are in their prime in late summer and they looked and smelled absolutely wonderful today. Here are 3 fun facts about Nectarines:

1) Nectarines are in the same family as peaches, but they don’t have that fuzzy peach fuzz.
2) They are loaded with antioxidants, with a higher concentration in the peels; this helps boost your immune system and promotes good cardiac health.
3) Nectarines aid digestion due to their fiber content and promotes detoxification.

I still picked up some berries (blackberries to be exact!) but I’m enjoying a nectarine as I type this – yum! This luscious stone fruit may end up becoming part of my regular shopping list while they remain in season.

Question for you: Have you tried anything new from your Farmers Market lately?



2 thoughts on “Nectarines – August End of Summer Awesomeness

  1. Any tips to keep them from going back quickly? I used to eat them like apples growing up. Now when I buy them, they’re bad and gooping all over before I can even think about eating them!


    • Great question Katie – How are you storing them? I did a little digging and found that storing ripe nectarines (or peaches) in the crisper drawer should help; they should last about a week in the fridge. Leaving them at room temperature, especially in a brown bad, helps ripen them up.


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