August End of Summer Awesomeness – PiYo Results

I recently finished my 30 day PiYo Challenge and I’m psyched:  I lost 1 pound and 5.5 inches total, including 2 inches from my waist! 


Let me tell you a little more about my PiYo journey;  there were 3 main factors that lead me to undertake my challenge:

  1. Two weeks before starting my PiYo challenge, I completed a Half Marathon, running much faster than I did last year, so I was feeling great but I wanted to take a break from running so much and wanted to build strength and increase flexibility.
  2. I had quite a bit of travel planned during July, so I needed extra structure to ensure I stayed active and had incentive to focus on healthy eating habits since I tend to spurge too much food-wise when I’m on the road and out of my normal routine.
  3. Finally, I want to add Fitness Coaching to the Nutrition Counseling I am learning about at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I figured I’d learn so much by going through a Group Program as a client first.

Since my goal was to increase my strength and flexibility, PiYo was a great match.  I’ve done yoga and Pilates in the past and found them challenging while yielding great results when done consistently over a period of time.  There were other workout DVDs available but PiYo was the best match for me and my goals at this time.  The three main components of my PiYo Challenge included:

  1. 10 PiYo workouts on DVD with a 6-day-a-week fitness schedule to maximize results while working out at home.  The workouts included lots of  lunges, downward dogs, tricep push-ups, and even a few burpees.  Some workouts focused on specific area, for example Upper / Lower Body or Core.  They range in intensity from pretty tough (the workout called Sweat) to VERY tough (the workout called Drench).  I followed the plan and added 3 days of running each week. 
  2. Shakeology, a super-food-protein shake.  When blended with a healthy beverage (i.e. water or almond milk) and fruit and / or veggies, a ShakeO Smoothie can be used as a meal replacement or healthy snack.  I have to admit I was a bit skeptical at first, having recently tried a different meal replacement shake that tasted very chalky with fructose (sugar) as a top ingredient.  ShakeO won me over:  It tastes great (Vegan Chocolate was my favorite) and the ingredient list is full of healthy foods and supplements that I can pronounce and confirm the health benefits because I’ve learned all about them at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, like quinoa and chia.  I now have one ShakeO Smoothie every day, for breakfast or a post workout snack.
  3. A private Facebook group lead by a Coach to keep the group accountable and supportive band of women who were looking to improve their health with fitness and better eating.  Our Coach had us post daily about our workouts and food plan and kept things fun through questions of the day and having everyone post workout photos (aka “sweaty selfies”) and pics of our healthy snacks and meals.  It was extremely motivating for me to stick to my workout plan when I saw my “virtual workout buddies” working out every day and it was a good way to get ideas for new healthy meals to try by seeing what others were eating.  Here is a collection of my collages of “sweaty selfies” and healthy food:

30 Day PiYo Challenge

My goal was to “tone up,” not necessarily lose weight, so I’m thrilled with my progress.  It was fun to shake up my workouts and leap out of the plauteau I hadn’t even realized I was sitting on with just running with no cross training.  My clothes are fitting more comfortably and I think I see the faint outline of some ab muscles trying to come out of hiding, so that is encouragement enough to keep up PiYo as part of my regular workout routine. 

Question for you:  Are you interested in getting some real fitness results with the support of a Coach to hold you accountable while you connect with others who are working to accomplish their health and fitness goals?  I’m developing my Challenge Group plans now and will be launching several programs this fall;  Contact me to get added to my Challenge Group email list so I can keep you up-to-date on all the important details!




3 thoughts on “August End of Summer Awesomeness – PiYo Results

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  2. So glad to hear you saw real results! I keep starting the program but haven’t kept up with it. I really need to get my butt in gear and make it happen.


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