July Race Debrief: Manzanita Beach 5K

I recently spent a wonderful weekend in Manzanita, Oregon, participating in the Manzanita Beach Race while enjoying a relaxing visit to “The Coast” (in Oregon, we don’t go to “The Beach” – we go to “The Coast,”  possibly because there are amazing coastal views, but it is too cold to swim and play as you would at the beach unless you wear a wet suit and / or a jacket).  Although I originally planned  to run the 10K, I decided to switch to the 5K  so I could run with Matt and the dogs;  Matt opted to run the race at the last-minute and since this is a smaller / local race, they allow dogs to participate (on leash).  I figured with two Greyhounds leading the way, we had to win – ha!

Manzanita is my favorite Oregon Coast destination – –  there are great local restaurants and the Greyhounds absolutely adore walking (and running!) on the wide, hard-sand beach.  In a way it feels like my “home” on The Coast as I’m always so happy and stress-free in Manzanita.  Here are the top 3 moments from my most recent trip:


1)  The Manzanita Farmers Market – We arrived in time to visit the local Farmers Market, which was great!  I picked up some fresh berries to make smoothies for breakfast and some green leafy goodies to make salads for lunch. 

2)  Walks (and runs) on the beach in cool weather – Rain or shine, the weather at The Coast is always cooler than Portland.  We had more foggy days than sunshine, but both were a relief from the unusual heat wave hitting Portland at the moment.  Matt and I enjoyed many walks with the dogs as well as the 5K race, which we ended up running for 2 miles and then walking the rest after the pups got tired out (I cut Buddy some slack – he is now officially a senior at 7 years old).  While we did not win the race, we had a great time and still got in a good workout.

3)  Relaxing outside on the deck – The room we stayed at had a lovely balcony with a view of the main street and if you leaned out over the rail, you could see the ocean.  Despite our lack of a direct ocean view, it was great to sit outside and enjoy “happy hour” drinks.  Lucie especially loved lounging in the sunshine as you can see from her smile in the photo collage.

Questions for you:  Have you enjoyed a weekend get-a-way this summer?  Where did you go?




3 thoughts on “July Race Debrief: Manzanita Beach 5K

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  2. Sounds like a great weekend away. I love long weekends and taking mini vacations. We are headed to Whistler this weekend to visit some friends and hoping for some sunny weather to chill by the lake. We hope to hike Chief and also do a run or two before we go but not a race.


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