June Farmers Market Finds Wrap Up + Intro to PiYo

June just flew by and now that the 4th of July is behind us, it is officially summer in Oregon!  Here is a quick look back at the top 3 posts from June:

1)  Strawberry Spinach Salad

Strawberry Spinach Salad - cheers3.wordpress.com

2)  Blueberry Almond and Goat Cheese Salad


3)  Straw-Ban-Kale Protein Smoothie


During the month of July, I have a lot going on…  One of the activities I’m most excited about is my 30 Day PiYo Challenge  After running in the Vancouver USA Half Marathon in June, I was ready to mix up my training plan.  I still need to stay in shape for the 10Ks I’ve signed up for throughout the summer and fall, but I wanted to do something new, something besides running, something that would help with strength and flexibility.  Enter PiYo.  Have you heard of PiYo?  I hadn’t until I signed up for my 30 Day Challenge, so let me outline the top 3 about PiYo:

  1. PiYo uses moves from both Pilates and Yoga
  2. It is low impact, high intensity, without weights and / or jumping
  3. It promises sculpted muscles, a strong core, and increased flexibility…  I’ll let you know!

Based on the great experience I had working with a coach during my Half Marathon training, I decided to sign up with a coach again for my PiYo challenge.  It’s an on-line, group training program that is very focused on accountability.  We have daily posts and check-ins on Facebook and there is a lot of interaction and encouragement across the group members. For example, I need to take a “sweaty selfie” after each workout and take pictures of healthy meals and snacks and post them to our (private) group’s Facebook page.  Here are my pics from Day 3:


So far, the Challenge Group has been fantastic!  I’m keeping detailed notes and will share details about my journey here in the blog.  I’m already anticipating that I’ll be running my own challenge groups soon, incorporating what I am learning at the Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching Program and including the fitness components of PiYo and other workouts or training options.  Stay tuned for more information!

Last but not least, the big reveal on the new theme for July:  I’ll be sharing recipes focused on grilling while continuing to get ingredients from the local Farmers Market.

Questions for you:  What do you like to grill?  Have you done a PiYo workout?



12 thoughts on “June Farmers Market Finds Wrap Up + Intro to PiYo

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  2. I did my first PiYo workout today – Sweat and loved it! It will be a great addition to my current routine – glad it is working out for you as well!


  3. I am LOVING Piyo. Also, definitely try running your own groups. I’ve been doing it for a few months now and anchoring it more as group health coaching and my participants are loving them!


    • Isn’t PiYo awesome! And some of those workouts are TOUGH! Good to hear your having success with the groups – I’m “officially” a beach body coach now, so I’m working through some details to get my first group going…


  4. Haha we’re too slow off the mark here in north Scotland. Since I just qualified as both a Pilates and yoga instructor recently, some of my friends have been joking about what I should call my classes next year. We didn’t even know piyo existed 🙂 thanks, will Google it!


    • I think it’s still fairly new and trendy. I’ve also hear the term “yogalates” although that kind of sounds like a fancy espresso drink to me ;). Congrats on your recent instructor qualifications! I’m considering a Pilates teaching certification….


      • Definitely worth doing, but do your research on the course/tutors first – I think that can make all the difference.
        I found the anatomy aspect particularly interesting. I’ve obviously done that for massage and yoga teaching, but somehow it all clicked into place this time round – and it was a particular passion of our tutor, so that always helps!


  5. I did piyo a lot a few years ago when I was just getting into yoga. It is pretty fun. I should really look into doing some more of it. Good luck with your challenge.


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