May: Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching Program Check-In

Back in January I announced I was starting a Health Coaching Program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  Well, now I’m 5 months into the program and I am absolutely loving it!  It’s not always easy balancing classes with working full-time and training for a Half Marathon, but I’m learning so much it is all worth it.  I’ve picked up some new healthy habits while starting to organize the building blocks of my future Health Coaching practice.  Today I wanted to share three of the healthy changes I’ve incorporated into my life since starting classes at Integrative Nutrition with some supporting infograhpics I found on Pinerest:

  • I’ve stopped drinking coffee every morning.  Instead I’ve been focusing on getting a good night’s sleep and starting each day with a cup of warm lemon water.  The lemon water is more refreshing and I don’t find myself missing my coffee breath!

  • I started cooking with Turmeric.  It has a mild taste, a fun bright yellow color and a multitude of amazing health benefits!  Lately I have been substituting turmeric for salt and pepper when sauteing onions and bell peppers.


  • I’ve started eating mushrooms every day.  One of my teachers at Integrative Nutrition, Dr. Joel Fuhrman had a class about nutrient dense foods and their impact to the immune system for disease prevention.  He cited a statistic that blew my mind as someone with a family history of breast cancer:  eating 1 or more mushrooms a day can reduce your risk of breast cancer by over 60%!  So now I make sure to have some ‘shrooms every day – either with eggs at breakfast, in a wrap at lunch or on my salad with dinner.


As you can see, I’m learning so much and a lot of simple tips to be healthier.  I’m excited for when I’ll be able to start helping client do the same later this year – I’ve finalized the name of my practice, Bridgetown Health, and even added a Health Coaching page to my blog to explain how I can work with people as a Health Coach.  Let me know what you think!

I am thoroughly enjoying my educational experience at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  It is helping me improve my own health as well as helping me build a new career in a field I’m very passionate about.  If you have ever been interested in taking health classes or transition into the industry, I encourage you to check out the school.  In fact, I am excited to be able to offer that any of my friends and fellow bloggers who enroll between Wednesday May 21st and Memorial Day Monday, May 26th are eligible for up to $1000 off tuition plus some awesome bonus gifts that add up to to thousands more!

I will be sharing more details via my Facebook Page over the next couple of days…  if you can’t wait, learn more with this Health Coach Starter Guide:



Question for you:  Have you ever wanted a career in the Health & Nutrition field?  Have you ever thought about working with a Health Coach to help improve your own Nutrition?  Post a comment to let me know!



4 thoughts on “May: Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching Program Check-In

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  2. Sounds like things are going great. Happy for you.

    I have been putting curry powder on my eggs and on chicken lately. I have tumeric at home cab try that too. Not sure I could give up pepper. I just love it. 🙂 I can pass on salt.


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