May Race Debrief: Rock-N-Roll Portland 10K

Yesterday I ran in the inaugural Rock-N-Roll Portland 10K Race!

Last year I ran the Half, but since I’ve signed up for a Half in June this year I ended up trying out the new 10K event.  I’m really glad I did!  Here are three awesome things about my most recent 10K:


  1. I ran about 5 minutes faster than any other 10K this year!  It was not a PR for all 10Ks I have ever done, but it is a recent PR and I will take it!  I was able to really push it the last mile and felt great after.  This is a HUGE confidence builder for me as I go into my last month of training before my Half in June.
  2. The T-Shirt and Medal are awesome!  I can’t wait to wear the shirt tomorrow during my run.  Maybe I will sport the medal too 🙂
  3. Some goofy Portlander ran the race in an American Flag speedo and nothing else [don’t worry Matt – I didn’t look….  too long.  I did get a good laugh at all the reactions he was getting].  He was a ways ahead of me, but I often heard the many cheers, whistles and hoots he was getting along the race route and people were stopping and asking him to pose with them in pictures so I often got a good glimpse of him…  but for the life of me I can’t remember where he pinned his race number ?!?!

Question for you:  What is the craziest outfit you ever saw (or sported!) during a race?



7 thoughts on “May Race Debrief: Rock-N-Roll Portland 10K

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    • Thank you! Originally I wasn’t planning to run this race, but when I saw the medal, I had to 🙂

      Portland is an awesome place to run! Still getting used to the hills though after moving here from flat and fast Chicago…


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