April Showers – Drinking Vinegar

While many people have recently used vinegar to color their hard-boiled Easter Eggs, have you ever tried drinking vinegar?  I was introduced last summer to drinking vinegar from a local Portland Company called Genki-Su.  Their natural products are made with coconut vinegar, are sugar-free and based on a family recipe from Japan.  I like adding a splash of the Yuzu-Citron to my afternoon sparkling water to give it a little boost of flavor:

drinking vinegar

Besides adding some oomph to “boring” water, there are many health benefits to drinking vinegar – here are my three favorites:

  1. It aids in the recovery of muscle aches
  2. It helps improve digestion
  3. It soothes hangovers  – not that I get hung over much, but it’s nice to know this might help if I ever do!


  • Pour 8 parts water / sparkling water / juice / hot team into a glass or cup
  • Add 1 part drinking vinegar to your drink
  • Enjoy!

Questions: Have you tried drinking vinegar?  What else do you like to add to your water to spice it up?





3 thoughts on “April Showers – Drinking Vinegar

  1. You’re blowing my mind here! I had NO idea that coconut vinegar existed. This sounds delicious! I wonder if Genki-Su ships! I’m going to have to look around for it!


    • There is a link to their website in my blog post… Looks like commercially they are only available in Oregon and Washington so far, but looks like you can buy on-line. Or maybe there is another brand in your area! I’ve really enjoyed trying it – a neat change from a lemon or lime wedge!


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