Two Hound Tuesday – Unique Characteristics of Greyhounds

April’s Adopt-a-Greyhound festivities continue! I first remember learning about Greyhound rescue from watching the Simpson’s:  Homer brought home Santa’s Little Helper after loosing at the dog track:


A few weeks ago I shared that Greyhounds love to travel, and today we are going to review 3 of the characteristics that make Greyhounds unique and special that they never mentioned on the Simpson’s that people should be aware of if they want to adopt a Greyhound:


  1. Greyhounds need to wear jackets in colder weather:  A Greyhound’s physique is built for high-speed:  very little body fat, short fur, and lots of lean muscle.  Sometimes they may have “bald spots” on their back legs and belly from spending so much time in their crates at the tracks.  As a result, when temperatures drop, we need to bundle up our Hounds.
  2. Greyhounds need leashes:  Although my dog’s would love to run free at the Oregon Coast, since they hit top speeds in 2-3 strides and get very far, very fast, we keep them on a leash.  Also, while they get along with dogs of all shapes and sizes when meeting on-leash, if they were running at top speeds and saw a little dog to chase, racing instincts might kick in – they did spend years chasing a “rabbit” around a race track.  If we want to let our dog’s run off-leash, we take them to a securely fenced yard or park with other Greyhounds or larger dogs, just to be safe.
  3. Grey Greyhounds aren’t very common, but most Greyhounds will go Grey:  We always get questions about our brindle dogs: “is that an unusual color for a Greyhound?”  Not really – Greyhounds come in all colors, although a Grey Greyhound (technically called a Blue Greyhound) is pretty rare.  It is common for a Greyhound to show their wisdom with greying facial hair.  Lucie and Buddy both have had Greying faces for years, even though they are only 6 and 7 years old respectively.

Question for you:  What are some things that make your pet unique and special?




4 thoughts on “Two Hound Tuesday – Unique Characteristics of Greyhounds

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  2. Thank you Reni. From what I’ve read, bone like liver cancer is always in the end terminal, so it is a matter of doing your best to choose when is the right time to let them go. Hard.
    I hope you have many, many happy healthy years ahead with your guys! I’m sure at some point in the future we’ll feel able to welcome a new hound…I’m very conscious of how many need homes.


  3. Aaah, your two are as old as Amy – was. I am sorry to have to tell you she died earlier this week (liver cancer, so a really sudden decline). She would have been 7 at the start of July. I am feeling heartbroken but still so glad to have had her in our lives and I’d recommend everyone to consider a greyhound – she was the sweetest and most gentle dog I’ve ever met.


    • I am so sorry to hear about Amy. One of our friend’s grey has bone cancer and went thru an amputation and then chemo only to have the cancer back after 6 months. Amy was lucky to have spent her retirement with you and your family as you were fortunate to have had her in your lives. Perhaps, when you are ready, you can welcome a new Greyhound into your home.


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