April Showers – Tips to Drink More Water (and Less Soda!)

I am traveling this weekend, but the April Showers keep coming down!  Today’s post is from a guest blogger, Cynthia, a classmate of mine who is also studying to become a Health Coach.  You can find out more about Cynthia at her Facebook page, The Damaskos Way – 365 Days Along the Road to Health and Healing:  www.facebook.com/thedamaskosway


Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens. Brown paper packages tied up with strings…  These are a few of my favorite things……
The study of Macrobiotics teaches us to start each day with a happy song. This has become one of my favorite things.  Another favorite thing is water.  I was sold on it at 17 and it was the reason I lost my BFF at the time. See, I just couldn’t watch her drink a diet soda every morning for breakfast, so I felt like I had to let her know how bad it was and that she should be drinking water every day. I couldn’t help myself!  Looking back, I can see that becoming a Health Coach was my destiny.  Learning about the benefits of water and stopping all soda consumption at 17 was the start of my love for Health and Wellness.

Whenever I tell people to drink half their weight in ounces of water a day, I typically get three different responses which I’ll list here along with my tips:

  1. I don’t like the taste of it:  Well, first of all, it must be clean water. By clean I mean no fluoride, no chlorine, all the bad stuff filtered out. What’s left is pure goodness.  Squeeze a lemon into it and you have the added advantage of reducing the acid in your body which is a breeding ground for bacteria.  By balancing the acidity in your body along with drinking pure water you are taking a huge step to wellness right there!
  2. I’ll spend all of my time in the bathroom:  Yes, you will – at first. See, if you aren’t getting enough water, your body thinks that it is in survival mode. It’s stashing away any drop it can get from food or the occasional glass consumed when taking a pill. But the bathroom breaks will taper off after a while as your body realizes that it isn’t going to die. Really!  And most people even lose a little weight!   I really think that people must stop thinking that normal body functions are an inconvenience.  I just want to say, slow down, sit down, think about all of those toxins that are being flushed out, and sing a happy song!  Not that I quote Martha Stewart very often, but “It’s a good thing!”
  3. I don’t have time or energy to keep track of how much water I drink:  Me neither.  I believe water should be an accessory. That’s why I carry around a 64oz jug everywhere I go. It’s like my bright green blankie:


My green water jug sits on my desk and I sip from it all day. I take it in the car, onto the tennis court, and shazzam!  I reach for it without even thinking and there is nothing left. Just like that.  When that happens to you, you’ll know you’ve arrived!  Today I went to a nice restaurant with my friends and it was sitting there on the table in front of me. Sort of tacky, but whatever…  There’s no telling what is in restaurant water, so better safe than sorry. If you’re flushing out toxins, why take them in at the same time?

Water=Life. After three days your body starts shutting down without it. It keeps organs functioning correctly, wards off sickness and disease, nourishes skin and keeps blood flowing efficiently. In the past 35 years, since being sold on water the first time, nothing has come out to replace or refute the scientific knowledge we have about the key role water plays in our health.
But, you say, if I’m drinking all of this water, when will I have time for a soda?  EXACTLY!  Maylette (former BFF) where are you now?
Thank you Cynthia for your insights into the benefits of drinking more water!  Here is an infographic I found with some tips on when to drink water:
Question for readers:  What are your tricks to drink more water throughout the day?  Post a comment and you can become the next guest blogger!



PS – I now have a Facebook page, where I’ll be linking my blog posts and sharing other health and fitness tips (and even an occasional Greyhound pic).  Check it out – Feel free to contact me here as well about being a guest blogger!

2 thoughts on “April Showers – Tips to Drink More Water (and Less Soda!)

  1. Great work to Cynthia–those are some great tips! And great work to Reni for hooking up with her. I use my 22 oz glass bottle but have been on the hunt for something larger. That 64oz one would definitely make the “keeping track” game a heck of a lot easier!


    • Thanks! I have a 32 ouncer that works pretty well, but on days when I get really busy I admit I might forget to refill a round 2… A bigger bottle would totally help keep me on track!


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