Two Hound Tuesday – Road Trips with Greyhounds

It has been a while since I’ve posted about my Greyhounds Lucie and Buddy, so what better time to re-visit Two Hound Tuesday than during April, which is National Adopt a Greyhound Month!


One of the things Matt and I like to do with Lucie and Buddy is go on weekend road trips.  They are great in the car and also love to meet new people and experience new places.  With a little research and planning to find dog friendly hotels and scout out local parks and trails, we always have fun on the road with our dogs.  Here are 3 adventures we have had with our fast friends:

1)  We climbed a mountain!  Here we are with our Hounds on Mount Hood.  Luckily it was the middle of summer, and while there was still snow on the ground, it was quite warm.  None of us would have been so smiley in the middle of winter up there!


2)  We go to the beach!  Although we have to keep our Hounds on leash, they love the beach and we take long walks and even some runs together whenever we head out to the Coast:


3)  We go wine tasting!  Here we are in the Yakima Valley, a Wine Region in Eastern Washington known for being very dog friendly:


As the weather warms up, we are looking forward to more road trips with the dogs and doing lots of fun outdoor activities together.

Question for you:  Do you travel with your pet?



PS – I now have a Facebook page, where I’ll be linking my blog posts and sharing other health and fitness tips (and even occasional Greyhound photos).  Check it out! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Two Hound Tuesday – Road Trips with Greyhounds

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  4. I think it’s great you bring your dogs on trips! I love bringing my greyhound, Emmi, with me whenever I can. Thankfully, she does really well on long car rides. Just yesterday we went hiking along the coast of San Francisco 🙂


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