April Race Debrief – Bridge to Brews 10K

Matt and I ran in our first 10K of the season yesterday:  Portland’s Bridge to Brews.  We ran the 8K race last year and had a blast – especially at the post race party that boasted Widmer Beer and Brats!


The race itself was great, with several highlights worth sharing:


  • The course ran over the Freemont and Broadway Bridges, so lots of great views of the river and photo opportunities.  I liked that we got to run on both sides of the river we got to see several different neighborhoods in Northeast and Northwest Portland.
  • There were lots of hills, including 2-3 toughies right before the finish – which was a bit of a rude awakening after doing too much flat treadmill work over the winter.  Note to self:  start hill training ASAP!
  • The race organizer made some changes to the post race party to include several local breweries, including Widmer, Laurelwood, Storm Breaker and Burnside Brewing.

While I think in theory the changes to the post race party were a great idea, in reality it didn’t pan out.  After running 6.2 hilly miles, we got to stand in line to get our IDs checked.  Then waited in line for our (pretty cool stainless steel) beer cups.  Then waited in line for beer.  Then waited in line for food, which was sadly lacking in Brats.  Oh, and all of this line waiting was done in a muddy park, so my new road racing shoes are now caked in mud.  So I think there are some kinks to work out with the post race brew fest concept for next year.

Either way, my first 10K is under my belt for 2014.  My time of 71 minutes is very beatable for my next race – I can hopefully keep getting faster as race season progresses!  Especially if I can find a route with less hills 🙂

Question for you:  Are you ready for hill training?



PS – I now have a Facebook page, where I’ll be linking my blog posts and sharing other health and fitness tips (and perhaps an occasional Greyhound photo).  Check it out!

3 thoughts on “April Race Debrief – Bridge to Brews 10K

  1. I am going to start hill training over the next few months because I am going to be running a bit of a hilly half marathon in Whistler the beginning of June.

    Good luck with your hill training. My suggestion is to run on the balls of your feet/toes to help get you up the hill and also push your elbows back. Over exaggerate the movement of swinging your arms. 🙂

    See you soon!


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