March Greens Wrap Up + Simple Kale Salad Take 2

I said it before and I’ll say it again – I love kale.  My final recipe for my month of March Greens is a twist on the original simple kale salad I posted to kick off this theme.  But first, here are is a re-cap of the top 3 posts in March:

1)  Simple Kale Salad


2)  Green Smoothie


3)  Shamrock Run 5K


And now for the Kale!

Simple Kale Salad – Take 2

Simple Kale Salad -

Ingredients / Nutrition Information:



  • Slice the radishes
  • Cut or rip kale into bite size pieces, removing the thick stem in the middle of the leaf
  • Wash the chopped kale by dunking it in cold water
  • Dry either with a towel pat down or salad spinner
  • Put kale into salad bowl
  • Spritz with olive oil and sprinkle just a little salt over top
  • Gently massage the olive oil and salt evenly into kale
  • Top with sliced radishes
  • Wash the salty oil from your hands and enjoy your salad!

As you can see, I swapped out lacinato kale for red kale and added some radish slices, which are popping up everywhere now that they are in season here in Oregon.  There are several different kinds of kale – if you don’t like the first one you try, find another type and you might like it better.  Then once you’ve been eating it for a while, go back and try that first kind of kale – it may have grown on you!

Next month’s theme is “April Showers” for obvious reasons.  I will post about the benefits of drinking water, and how to jazz it up if you find plain old water boring.  I’m also ramping up my running and starting to train for a Hal Marathon in June, so hydration is very important as those miles start to increase.  If you have a favorite way you like to spice up your H20, post a comment and we can make you a guest blogger!






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