March Race Debrief – Shamrock Run 5K

On Sunday March 16th I ran in Portland’s Shamrock Run 5K.


*Note:  The kale did not come with my race packet, but I was able to pop into the PSU Farmers Market while waiting for the train to the race expo.  Gotta have my kale!

This was my first race of 2014 and my first time running in this event.  Here are my top 3 for the a Shamrock Run:

1.  This race was huge:  about 36,000 runners participated across multiple races – 15k, 8k, 5k run and 5k walk as well as a 1k kids race. The 5K race actually had start corrals to space out the runners just like my last Half marathon.  I always wondered where Portlanders celebrated St. Patrick’s Day – I think there is only one Irish bar on the whole city!  Well I finally figured it out:  Portland wear green and go for a run!
2.  My time finish time offered lots of room for improvement during the season @ 34:26.  I suppose that is a positive swing on saying I ran slowwwwww, but I had fun 🙂  I also had a 2 mile run to the start line once I determined the Street Car was delayed due to the race route.  I was running a little late since Lucie, my Greyhound alarm clock, let me sleep in later than usual, so those first 2 miles were at a fairly brisk pace.  In total, I clocked in 5.1 miles in 53:10.
3.  The weather was perfect for running.  Mid 50s and cloudy, with a little rain at the start that cleared up by the end in time for the post race festival with live music, smoked salmon chowder and beer.  And so much better than the snowy Shamrock Shuffle in Chicago that Matt ran with friends Mandy and Mike a few years ago:

Shamrock Shuffle 8k_032909_004

Questions for you: Did you kick off racing season this past weekend with an Irish themed race? How did you do?  When is your next race?



6 thoughts on “March Race Debrief – Shamrock Run 5K

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  2. My wife and I did the Shamrock Run (5K) this year. It was our 4th 5K of the year. I knew this was a huge event … but WOW … it was HUGE! That just makes it soooo exciting though?

    My wife is nursing an Achilles issue … so we walked about 3 times during the run … but we did manage to finish in 35:33 🙂

    We dressed up too. My wife had on her Irish Dancing outfit … and I ran with a leprechaun on my shoulder!

    At any rate … wooohooo on your time … and welcome to the Pac NW 🙂


    • I was amazed at the turnout too! Such great energy, it was awesome 🙂

      Very cool that you and your wife dressed up; I wore my neon green running shell and sorta felt like a slacker, but at least I had green on – ha. I hope your wife’s Achilles is on the mend and you both can run in many more races this year!


      • Our next race is the Portland Race For the Roses Albertina Kerr 5K 🙂

        And neon green is not slacking at all! (By the way, regarding Irish bars in Pdx .. .ohhh … there are quite a few! And … if you like Irish stuffs … let me know … my wife and I used to ceili dance … so things Irish we know!)


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