February Crock Pot Cooking – Spanish Style Chilli

Matt and I went to Spain on our honeymoon and absolutely fell in love with their culture, food and wine (vino tinto, por favor!).  When we got home, we’d often enjoy tapas themed dinners and I started scouring the web for Spanish recipes. For the record, here are my favorite Spanish tapas:

  1. Marinated Olives
  2. Manchego Cheese
  3. Chorizo

These tapas are easy to find in any grocery store and so easy to prepare – they don’t require any cooking – but they aren’t exactly a well-rounded, healthy meal.  So I continued to research Spanish cooking for a more robust option.  This recipe is inspired by a Spanish stew recipe I found, although we never ate anything like this while traveling in Spain, so I can’t comment on it’s authenticity. I have made a few adaptations along the way and it has evolved to a type of slow cooker chilli that we enjoy on a regular basis.

Spanish Style Chilli

Spanish Style Chilli Photo

Ingredients / Nutrition Information:

Spanish Style Chilli Ingredients


  • Dice red pepper and red onion, place in slow cooker
  • Open cans of tomato puree and garbanzo beans, drain the garbanzo beans and pour both cans into the slow cooker
  • Remove casings from sausage(if applicable) and cook on medium / low until chicken sausage is cooked.
  • Place cooked sausage on a stack of paper towels and gently pat / dab chicken with paper towels to remove any grease, then place chicken in slow cooker
  • Season with dried thyme and pepper and stir all ingredients together
  • Cook on low for 4-6 hours, stirring occasionally while enjoying some tapas
  • Serve in a bowl – goes great with a side of crusty baguette to dip into the stew and a glass of Spanish vino tinto (red wine)!


  • My grocery store has a lot of different chicken sausage options, so I like to use something with a little heat, like the Spicy Chipotle sausage noted in the ingredients here, but you can substitute something milder (like plain ground chicken or turkey) or even use a Pork Chorizo sausage if that suits your tastes!
  • If you don’t have 4-6 hours to wait for dinner, this can also be prepared on the stove top – simply sauté the red pepper and onion with a little olive oil after cooking the chicken sausage and then combine all ingredients into a pot, heat over medium for about 20-30 minutes.

Question for you: Do you have a favorite crock pot recipe? Post a comment to let me know and you can be a guest blogger!




7 thoughts on “February Crock Pot Cooking – Spanish Style Chilli

  1. I really only use the crock pot to shred chicken when I want to make burritos but I know I should use it more..so convenient! This recipe looks so good, I would love to go to Spain and enjoy some tapas and vino!


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