Fitness Plan Friday – Kick Starting Fitness in the Fall

TGIF! Does the change in seasons and reduction in sunshine make it harder to get out and run? It can be so easy to curl up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate instead for lacing up the trainers to run while it is dark outside. Here are three ideas to kick start your fall fitness – they are working for me, maybe they will help you too!

1. Have a plan. I schedule my workouts each week and add reminders to my google calendar for notifications throughout the week to keep my workouts on my radar. Here was my plan for the past week:

Monday – run 3 miles, strength training
Tuesday – yoga
Wednesday – run 4 miles with some speed work
Thursday – run 3 miles, ab workout
Friday – cross training
Saturday – run 4 miles
Sunday – rest

2. Change up your plan after a while. The training plan I used for my Half called for running on Tues, Wed, Thurs and Sat. I signed up for a new 10k training plan from an accomplished runner and blogger at RunEatRepeat and I’ve enjoyed the change in routine – shifting to Mon, Wed, Thurs, Sat has shaken things up in a god way!


3. Use past accomplishments as motivation. I used to keep my old race bibs in a shoebox and my medals hung on a teddy bear hiding on a shelf in my closet. I recently bought a medal and bib board and hung it an area I walk past several times a day as a subtle reminder to go out and run because it feels so great to finish a race after weeks and months of training.


Question for you: How do you stay motivated to run or workout as temperatures fall and days get shorter?


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