Three Hound Thursday – How Many Greyhounds Does It Take to Run a 5K?

We have a house guest this week: Garret! Garret is a 4 year old male brindle Greyhound who has cute bunny ears, loves milkbones and fast walks.


Here are the top 3 questions I’ve received this week about Garret:

  • Did you get a third dog? No. We are just dog sitting while his parents are on vacation. We have watched Garret in the past and his parents have helped with. Buddy and Lucie too – very generous that they will take both our dogs! It’s a great arrangement and MUCH cheaper than boarding. Plus more fun for the dogs.
  • Do they all get along? Yes! Since Garret has stayed with us several times and vice versa, these dogs are old pals. Generally speaking, most Greyhounds get along well with other Greyhound and often perk up when they see another hound.
  • Those dogs must need a lot of exercise – do you run with them? No and yes. Greyhounds are built for speed and are sprinters at heart. They love to run fast for about 5 minutes and then will be happy to nap the test of the day. But I will bring my dogs running with me occasionally. Lucie is good to go for about 1-2 miles. Buddy has a foot injury leftover from his racing career so he can’t run on sidewalks, but is happy to trot around on the grass, but a half mile is about all he will do. Garret has been fun to run with, easily doing 2+ miles. If I ran with him longer, I bet he could get up to 4-5 miles, but I don’t want to push him too far, too fast. So taking each dog out one at a time I can run about 4 miles.
  • It’s been a blast having Garret here this week, but we certainly won’t be getting a third dog. Three big dogs can be challenging to walk for one person and the vet / food bills would get pretty expensive. But the main reason we won’t be adding to our pack is that we love to travel with our dogs and three dogs would not fit in our Prius. We are lucky to fit two dogs plus all our stuff at times!

    Questions for you: Do you run with your dogs? How far / fast can they run?



    2 thoughts on “Three Hound Thursday – How Many Greyhounds Does It Take to Run a 5K?

    1. I always run with my dog. She has run up to 15 miles. But don’t worry it was years of build up and frequent consults with the vet!


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