Fitness Plan Friday – One Last Long Run Before A Taper

Who is ready for the weekend?  I am!  Here is my fitness game plan:

1)  Next week’s schedule:

  • Saturday:  10-11 mile long run
  • Sunday:  Yoga
  • Monday:  Strength Training
  • Tuesday:  3 miles with hills
  • Wednesday:  3 miles + Strength Training
  • Thursday:  2 miles easy
  • Friday:  REST

2)  Next Saturday is Race Day!  My 3rd Half Marathon – The North County Wine Run:


Matt and I ran the 10K last year and had a blast!  The country route was gorgeous and the post race party included live music, a pasta lunch and wine tastings at several local wineries.   This year I’ll tackle the Half…  it will be interesting to see if I will be up for wine tasting after running 13+ miles.  Here is a quick description of the event from the race website:  Along paved country roads, the route highlights the gorgeous scenery of North Clark County, taking in the breath-taking views of Mt. St. Helens, Battle Ground Lake, and rural landscapes, with water/aid stations every two miles.  Enjoy food, wine from all participating wineries, jazz music, booths, and entertainment after the run on the grounds of Schumacher Farm.

3)  Fitness Tip – Tapering:  In some ways it seems counter-intuitive to scale back on training just before a big race, but most Half Marathon training plans include 1-2 weeks of tapering, where mileage and effort are reduced prior to race day to help runners recover and relax and the specific plan might vary runner to runner.  From the articles I’ve been reading, I probably should NOT run 10+ miles this weekend…  Physically, a shorter run might be best, but mentally I think it will be important for me to have a 10+ miler under my belt before the race.  Since I will keep my runs during the week very short and sweet and easy hopefully that will help.  We shall see if this approach will work for me!

Question for you:  What is your tapering plan prior to a big race?






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