Road Trip to Southern Oregon

Over Labor Day weekend, we gassed up the Prius and loaded the Greyhounds in back for a road trip to Southern Oregon! Here are my top three from our trip:

1. Crater Lake National Park. We took the scenic route (vs. the more direct/faster route) down South so we could explore Crater Lake National Park before settling in Ashland, Oregon for the weekend. Due to bad traffic, we got there right before sunset. It was gorgeous! We were able to stretch our legs for a bit walking around, although we had to stick close to the designated areas with the dogs:




2. Pilot Rock Cabin at the Green Springs Inn in Ashland, Oregon. We stayed in a dog friendly rental cabin located in the Cascade Mountains just South of downtown Ashland. It was very remote and peaceful. We brought groceries so we could cook and grill and enjoyed our meals on the porch:




3. Running in the woods. I already mentioned this, but I really enjoyed the 5k trail run I was able to squeeze in! There are so many local trails closer to home, I am really interested in adding this in to my regular running routine. The view during my run:


Question for you: Camping vs. cabin – what is your travel preference when staying off the beaten path?



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