Fitness Plan Friday + Finally Fall

Happy Friday!  This week feels like fall…  It’s getting darker earlier and had been raining a lot here in the Pacific Northwest.  I’m looking forward to the crisp, cool weather, crock pot cooking, football and pumpkin spice lattes!  Here are my top 3 for this fabulous fall Friday:

1.  Trail Running:  Last weekend we visited Southern Oregon – more about that trip in an upcoming post.  But one highlight included running on the trails around our rental cabin.  I only ran a 5K, but it was a tough one thanks to the rocky terrain, hills and an elevation around 5,000 feet.  Here is a view during my run:


I kept my eyes open for local wildlife during my trail run.  We were warned to be careful, especially at night, since there were reports of coyotes and cougars in the area.  Luckily the only wild animals we encountered were deer – like this one who watched us drink coffee on our deck one morning. 


Doesn’t she look a little like a Greyhound?  I’m sure Lucie and Buddy would have liked to run through the forest with her.  I think Buddy was looking for her in this photo:


2.  Fitness Plan for this week:  Last week I took a break from morning workouts and cut back on my overall distance (15.5 miles for the week) since we were out-of-town a few days, so this week I need to get back into my routine:

  • Saturday:  9-10 mile long run
  • Sunday:  Yoga
  • Monday:  Strength training
  • Tuesday:  5 mile run with hills
  • Wednesday:  Strength training + 3 mile run
  • Thursday:  5 mile run
  • Friday:  Rest

3.  Fitness Tip – Recovery:  Since this week I’m approaching the end of my training plan and thus increasing my mileage, I am focused on a recovery plan – things I can do in the hours and days after my longer runs to help avoid extra soreness.  I have my low-fat chocolate milk on hand for my post long run recovery smoothie on Saturday and I’ll be sporting some compression socks after my run as well.  On Sunday I will add some foam rolling before and after my yoga – both yoga and foam rolling helps work out any stiffness in my legs after a long run for me. 

Question for you:  What do you do to recover from a long run?



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