Weekend in Review: Stuffies, Wine Tasting & Heirloom Tomato Pizza

This weekend I knocked out an 8 mile run;  I’m happy to have finished it, but I wasn’t happy that I had to walk quite a bit….  which seems to be happening a lot on my training runs lately.  Not sure what is up, but at least I’m getting my miles in, increasing each week so I should be ready for my Half Marathon in September.  Here are my top 3 from this weekend:

1.  The Greyt Stuffy Challenge!  We pulled out all the dog toys on Friday and the dogs proceeded to go nuts playing with toys they haven’t seen in a while.  Lucie particularly liked her yellow stuffed bunny since the squawkers inside haven’t been killed yet do to too much Greyhound fun.  Buddy was having fun with his Southpaw toy, until he realized Lucie’s toy was still squeak-able, so he made several attempts to steal hit.  Here they are mid romp, Lucie protecting her bunny while Buddy waits for an opening to pounce:


2.  Wine Tasting.  It was a beautiful day on Saturday, so while I was out running 8 miles, Matt picked up a couple of sandwiches, packet up a picnic lunch and proposed we head to the Willamette Valley (aka Wine Country!).  The first winery was a new one for us:  Sokol Blosser.  They have a gorgeous, green, brand new tasting room.  We enjoyed our tasting inside and bought a bottle of Pinot Noir.  We walked around the grounds before we left and found their lovely picnic area next to their vines and learned their outdoor space is dog friendly so next time we can bring Buddy and Lucie when we want to enjoy some vino:




3.  Heirloom Tomato Pizza.  For dinner on Sunday Matt whipped up his famous Heirloom Tomato Pizza with fresh mozzarella and basil on a rosemary crust.  Such a great summer pizza!  With the Heirloom tomatoes just coming into season we can buy everything we need at a local Farmer’s Market, making this extra fresh and tasty this time of year.


Question for you:  Do you have a recipe that uses Heirloom Tomatoes?  Please share!







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