Stuffed Red Bell Pepper Recipe + Dinner Menu for Week of 8/12

I’m struggling a bit with this week’s meal plan since I need to include several meals for one since my husband will be out of town a few days.  I usually end up making too much food and having leftovers, which then screws up my lunch plans as I attempt to ensure no food goes to waste.  So here we go…

1)  First – A Recipe:  This is a great option when cooking for one!  I tried this over the weekend and I was able to use some of the leftovers from cooking too much earlier in the week as well…  I’ve listed the ingredients I used in bold below, but I also noted some alternates/substitutions that I plan to try soon.

Stuffed Red Bell Peppers:


  • One Large Bell Pepper – I picked Red since they were on sale at the grocery store
  • Protein – I used lean ground turkey, but I think black beans or shredded chicken would be great substitutes depending on what you have on hand
  • Frozen Veggie – I picked frozen peas and carrots since I happened to have about a third a bag left in the freezer.  Frozen broccoli would have worked well too.
  • Whole Grain – I used Red Quinoa as I had some leftover from a dinner earlier in the week.  Brown rice would do nicely as well.
  • Cheese – I used some shredded Mozzarella (again – I had some on hand.  I think feta would work well too!)

Prep / Instructions:

  • Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees
  • Cut the top off your bell pepper, cut out the stem but keep the top – hallow out the rest of the pepper – get rid of those seeds.  Set the pepper in a dish that can be placed in the oven:


  • Cook / prepare your protein and whole grain. Defrost your frozen veggie.  Mix everything together in a bowl and set aside.
  • Stack the “bowl” part of the Bell Pepper on top of the lid as pictured to help keep the pepper upright for cooking:


  • Scoop your from your protein / whole grain / veggie bowl into your Bell Pepper “bowl” and fill it to the top:


  • Sprinkle cheese on top:


  • Pop in the oven for about 20-30 minutes, until the cheese is melted:


  • Sprinkle with crushed red pepper if you like a little heat – and enjoy!

2)  Meal Plan for this Week:

  • Monday:  Pasta with broccoli and red pepper in a peanut sauce
  • Tuesday:  Cheesy veggies with chicken sausage
  • Wednesday:  Dinner At Your Door Delivery:  Teriyaki Chicken Over Rice Noodles and Veggies
  • Thursday:  Matt’s Choice OR a Farmer’s market salad
  • Friday:  Fish with quinoa salad
  • Saturday:  Homemade pizza
  • Sunday:  TBD – maybe grill some steaks?

3)  Healthy Eating Tip:  I love to cook, but sometimes it is nice to have a night off.  Going out to eat is a fun treat, but it can get expensive and sometimes it can be difficult to stick to a healthy eating plan when tempted with an expansive menu of drinks, appetizers, mains and desserts.  I’ve discovered a great local business here in Portland that offers an excellent compromise that allows a night off from cooking AND provides healthy food – Dinner At Your Door.

Dinner At Your Door is a weekly meal delivery service of fresh, healthy meals prepared with local ingredients and includes many different options to cater to specific dietary needs – ie. gluten free, vegetarian, vegan.  The meal comes fully prepared with easy re-heating instructions and includes a main, a salad, a side plus 2 cookies for dessert;  you can select a portion for 2, 4 or 6.  You can also add on an extra frozen entree if you want to save something for later in the week / month.  All the meals are delivered via a bike messenger each week in re-usable bags and glass containers (which help make re-heating and serving a snap!) with an ice pack so they can set your delivery outside your door if you aren’t home.  You return the glassware with next week’s delivery.

I have used Dinner At Your Door fairly regularly since moving to Portland and I am a HUGE fan!  The menu changes enough that you wonn’t get bored, but there are some favorites that stick around in the rotation (ie. I love their Lasagna with Turkey Marinara).  They also offer other fun add-on options, often from other local businesses – ie. granola, gluten free cookies, gourmet popcorn.  From time-to-time they will have special menus by guest chefs, for example one time they had a menu from a popular food truck in the area.  It is a great way to take a night off while still eating healthy and without having to head out to a restaurant.

Question for you:  Do you have a healthy meal delivery service that you use regularly?



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