Fitness Results & Plan – Week of 8/10 + 10,000 Steps a Day

Happy Friday!  I am soooo ready for the weekend and I’m even looking forward to my long run and then enjoying a slight taper next week.

1)  Workout results from last week:  I stuck to my plan!  My weekly running mileage = 17 miles.  I just got a new pair of running shoes so I’ve started breaking them in;  this is my first pair of Asics – so far so good:


2)  Fitness Plan for this week:

  • Saturday:  Long run – 8 miles
  • Sunday:  Rest / Recovery Day – Yoga
  • Monday:  Strength training – Upper Body + Lunges
  • Tuesday:  Run with Hills – 4 miles
  • Wednesday:  Strength training – Upper Body + Lunges, Speed Workout – 2 miles
  • Thursday:  5k Easy Run
  • Friday:  Recovery/Rest Day – Ab Workout

3)  Fitness tip:  As part of a wellness program at work, my co-workers were challenged to take 10,000 steps a day and we all received pedometers to help us keep track.  I ended up losing my tracker a month or so into the program while out for a trail run, so in my search for a replacement I found Fit Bit:


Fit Bit has been an excellent upgrade to my initial pedometer…  It not only tracks my steps, but also miles and calories burned while wirelessly synching with my personal Fit Bit account so I can use an on-line portal for additional number crunching.   Fit Bit also integrates with the My Fitness Pal app where I track my calories, sends messages to my mobile devices when I am close to or have exceed my 10K a day goal and provides weekly and monthly summaries of activity via email.  My Fit Bit has been an awesome motivational tool for me to help keep me moving throughout the day.  I’ve found it is fairly easy to hit my 10K goal on the days I run, but on other days I need to make an extra effort to keep active to achieve my goals – for example I try to get up during the afternoon while I’m on conference calls for work and walk around or incorporate an extra walk with the Greyhounds to get in some extra steps.  It helped me realize I was pretty inactive in the mornings since the majority of my steps occurred after noon, which helped motivate me to start (and stick to!) my morning workout routine.  While I wish there was some different cuts of data available in the portal (for example average steps per day), overall I highly recommend Fit Bit!

Question for you:  Does anyone else use a pedometer and try to reach 10,000 steps a day?



2 thoughts on “Fitness Results & Plan – Week of 8/10 + 10,000 Steps a Day

  1. Occasionally…but it has been too demoralizing this last year when I have been working at home! When I taught full time and was solely responsible for a dog, I did 10000 a day every day without thinking about it!


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