3 Ingredient Recipe + Dinner Plans – Week of 8/5

I made my dinner plan on Sunday night and then Monday rolled around and we didn’t feel like cooking.  We ended up getting take out, so the rest of the week we will have to stay on track.  I plan to make a trip to the Farmer’s Market at the end of the week to pick up some fresh veggies to round out those recipes, so I’ll pick out what looks good at that time.

1)  Dinner Plan:


  • Sunday:  TBD

2)  Easy Recipe:  The basic equation is Green Veggie + (Root Veggie or Whole Grain) + (Sausage or Legume).  Last week I filled in the variables as follows for this quick and easy dinner:

Roasted Brussel Sprouts + Roasted Potato + Chicken Sausage


I threw everything in a bowl and added some hot sauce since (lately I’ve been putting this on everything).  This recipe is so quick and easy and can easily use the items you have on hand if you don’t want to hit the grocery store.  In the past I’ve used this same formula to come up with Roasted Broccoli + Brow Rice + Black Beans (and, of course, hot sauce).  Maybe next I will try Zucchini + Butternut Squash + White Beans or Chicken Sausage!

3)  Healthy Eating Tip:  Portion control can be my downfall, so I’ve been using small cereal bowls for dinner (as seen above).  That way, even if I have 2 bowls, servings sizes are still small.  I also scoop veggies first to make sure that takes up the most space. I wouldn’t use this same size bowl for ice cream / desert;  a tea-cup would work much better for sweet treats.

Question for you:  Do you have a favorite 3 ingredient dinner recipe?



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