Running and Relaxing at Manzanita Beach

One of my favorite races in Oregon is the Manzanita Beach Race.  I’ve run in it the past 3 years year.  There is a 5K route and a 10K route;  in the past I’ve done the 5K – this year was my first time running the 10K for this race.  Here are my top 3 from Manzanita:

1)  The 10K Race:  Now that I’ve done the 10K, I will probably always do the 10K.  Running on the beach is so fun and it tends to feel much better then running on sidewalks.  The weather that morning was very cloudy and cool (the sun tended to wait and come out during the later afternoon during our trip it seemed), but that actually felt very refreshing, especially once you started running.  Matt caught a photo of me crossing the finish line – I have a white hat on:


Here I am after the race with Lucie helping me cool down on our balcony:


My 10K time was a little slow (over an hour), but I’m OK with that…  I had to save a little energy for all the walks (and runs!) on the beach with our Greyhounds:


2)  Happy Hour on our hotel balcony:  Before dinner each night we relaxed on the balcony with a glass of wine or a beer and watched the sun set.

photo(20) photo(23)

2)  Pizza:  We always get Marzanos pizza when we go to the coast – the Spicy Italian is our favorite with pepperoni, full cloves of roasted garlic and hot peppers.  I have to admit I had to skip this the night before the race (too spicy for a pre-race meal!) and stuck with a mixed greens salad with a little roasted veggie pizza, but did indulge in the Spicy Italian the night after my big run:


Question for you: Have you ever ran in an organized race on the beach?



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