A Backyard in Bend

Over the 4th of July weekend, we were lucky to take a road trip to Bend, OR.  Bend is a great town in Central Oregon on the other side of the Cascade Mountains.  It is quite striking how quickly the terrain shifts once you cross the pass and come out on the other side into the “High Desert.”  The weather was sunny and hot during the day, but cool and comfy in the mornings and evenings.  We stayed in a lovely rental house with an amazing backyard!  The weekend was very low-key and very relaxing.


Here is the Top 3 from Bend:

1)  Dirt dogs!  For some reason, the Buddy and Lucie spent most of their time in the yard laying in the dirt.  Perhaps it cool compared to the warm patio;  they sure loved digging and lying around in the dirt:



2)  Sipping wine by the outdoor fire pit.  It did cool off int he evenings, so it was nice to light up the outdoor fire pit and enjoy a glass of red wine in the evenings:


3)  The Deschutes River.  The river runs through Bend, so we were able to enjoy the trails along it for some nice hikes with the dogs.  Drake Park, in the heart of downtown Bend is particularly picturesque.  Many folks were able to take advantage of the river via rafts, paddle boards…  perhaps if we can train the dogs to tag along on a stand up paddle board we can try this next year 🙂





Have you enjoyed a sunny weekend get-a-way this summer?  Where did you go?




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