Happy & Hustling Hounds

As some of you may recall, I ran 13.1 miles on Sunday, but I think Buddy has me beat…

On Saturday, the hounds got to run.  I organized an Outdoor Play Date fundraiser for GPA Northwest, and as volunteers for the event, Matt and I got there early to help with setup while Buddy and Lucie got some solo running time. Since we live in an apartment without a yard, we don’t get to see our Greyhounds in action too often (although they sometimes do attempt to run laps in our living room), so when we can take them to a securely fenced park or yard AND there are other Greyhounds there for them to run with – it is an amazing sight to behold.  Typically Lucie will run a little, but prefers to spend her time meeting new people and getting lots of pets.  But Buddy – he is a runner; he doesn’t stop!  He will keep going and going and going…  and after the romp he will sleep for a week.  Here’s my top 3 from the recent Outdoor Greyhound Play Date:

1.  Buddy in Action – I honestly think he ran 13.1 miles, and a lot faster than I did:



2.  Buddy and Lucie racing each other – it looks like Lucie is winning, but in the end, Buddy’s long stride ALWAYS win out (even in the living room races!):


3.  Lucie in Action – Leave it to Lucie to find a comfy bed to lounge in at an outdoor play date (and, quite frankly, leave it to us Greyhound People to bring dog beds to an outdoor event!):


Some folks might be wondering why the hounds are wearing those brightly colored muzzles?  When Greyhounds run “professionally” at the tracks, they are always muzzled during races to ensure the safety of the dogs.  Some dogs get a competitive when running or some may get playful, but a little rough with nips and (friendly) growlies.  Since Greyhounds are long and lean running machines they have very little body fat and very thin/delicate skin, so even a playful nip could result in a bad injury that would require a trip to the emergency vet for stitches. All the off leash events hosted through GPA Northwest, a Non Profit Greyhound Rescue Organization, require the dogs to wear their muzzles to keep everyone safe and happy.  Don’t worry – the dogs can still drink water and eat treats when wearing a muzzle, and our dogs actually get very excited when we pull out their muzzles because they know they are going to get to run off leash.

Here is a short video my husband created from a previous Play Date – as you can see the dogs are VERY happy!

Question for all the dog lovers out there:  Do you take your dog to Play Dates?  Are they breed specific, or a fun-for-all event?

3 thoughts on “Happy & Hustling Hounds

  1. I would *love* to take my hound to play dates of any kind but they don’t exist here. I think there are some way down south. I took her to a dog training class for a while to socialise her with other breeds, which was good for her (she hated the first class but got gradually more relaxed – though she still always wanted to hang out with the greyhound-cross rather than the labs and terriers!). But even that class was an hour’s drive away.
    At least I’m lucky in having a big garden that she can zoom around – she is just so joyful when running.


    • Greyhounds seem to prefer the company of other sight hounds… We live in a very dog friendly neighborhood and encounter dogs of all shapes and sizes. My pups typically ignore other dogs but if they see the whippet mix or Italian greyhound who live in my building, they perk right up. And if they catch a glimpse of the little fawn female Greyhound who lives down the street, they have to go say hi to their distant cousin 🙂


      • Isn’t that funny! An Italian greyhound is so small, you’d think they’d consider it differently… But they must as you say have a strong sense of ‘family sighthound’.


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