A Week to Taper

The Rock-n-Roll Portland Half Marathon is 5 days away!

1) There is a light at the end of the tunnel! I started training officially in late February, but really in early January to build up a base mileage. I stuck to my plan (a Hal Higdon 1/2 Marathon Novice Program on TrainingPeaks.com), and I should be ready for the long run.

2) I ran my last “long” training run last weekend. I finished my 10 mile training run at the pace I’m hoping to run the Half on Sunday however, the run did NOT go well overall. The first 5 miles felt great, and due to the new, up-beat music I downloaded to my iPod I ended up running too fast. It was a pretty hot day (for Portland, in May) with none of the usually refreshing breezes off the river. I met up with my husband to run the last 5 together and I was spent. He was not – and was ready to go fast. I tried to keep up for a while, but I ended up having to split off from him and walk for a bit. The last few miles consisted of walking, stretching, stopping for water or to take a gel. I was kind of light headed by the end and likely could not have finished 13 miles, so that makes me a little nervous for the race. On race day I will really have to pay attention to my pace, and not get tempted to run fast.

3) This week is a “taper week” when I can roll back my mileage and rest up for the race. Today is an easy 4 mile run, and later this week I will run 3 and then 2 miles. I need to focus on what I’m eating and get some good sleep in order to be ready bright and early Sunday morning!

Question for all the runners out there: How did you bounce back from a bad training run right before a race? Any tips to help ensure my mental and physical success?



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