Happy Gotcha Day to Lucie!

Three years ago today we adopted our first retired racing Greyhound, Lucie! Here are three fun facts about Lucie:

1) When the adoption volunteer brought Lucie to our small one bedroom condo in Chicago, I thought she was the size of a small horse and was worried she wouldn’t fit! But there was plenty of room, and she made herself right at home as a city dog. Here is a picture of Lucie about a month after we adopted her – I’d say she looks pretty happy:

2) Lucie was 2 when we adopted her, so in many ways she was still a bit of a puppy. She LOVED playing with stuffy toys, and would often destroy them – by killing the squeakers from chewing too hard or by simply ripping them open. We went through quite a few toys that first year. Now at the mature age of 5, she still loves a good stuffy, but puts them to use while relaxing after a long walk…  notice she has also gained some lovely grey on her face and muzzle – she is definitely no longer a pup:

3) Lucie will always be our first Greyhound and there is something special about that bond. She made us realize we want to help other Greyhounds find their homes, so we started volunteering with the local rescue group. We started by taking in newly retired racers and fostering them until they found a home. That was a really rewarding experience, but eventually Buddy came to stay with us as a foster dog, and we realized he was a perfect fit for our pack. So now Lucie has her Buddy:

While we can no longer foster (there is a 2 dog limit in our building), we still help the local rescue group in various ways, including hosting a monthly Greyhound Play Date – the next event if next weekend and it will be a perfect way for Lucie to celebrate her Gotcha Day!  She also got a special doggie cookie tonight after dinner 🙂




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