Happy Adopt-a-Greyhound Month!

April is Adopt-a-Greyhound month, at least here in Oregon! I am quite fond of the breed, having rescued 2 brindle beauties. Here are three great things about Greyhounds:

1. They love to play with toys, especially stuffies with a squeaker inside! Even though they never had toys at the race track, they quickly learn how fun it is to play. Buddy had a hard time picking out his favorite, so he ended up playing with all of them:


2. They love to sleep! Often in silly positions. For about 22 hours a day. Many folks think Greyhounds are high energy dogs needing lots of exercise – not true! I like to think of them as 40 mile per hour couch potatoes. Here is Lucie in her favorite dog bed, wrapped up in a blanket on her back:


3. I mentioned they love to sleep. They also love to sleep in the sunshine and will go out of their way to find a sunny spot to lounge in:


Question: What else do you want to know about Greyhounds? Perhaps a follow up post is in order since there are so many great things about Greyhounds…



2 thoughts on “Happy Adopt-a-Greyhound Month!

  1. Lucie takes hilarious greyhound sleeping to a whole new level – she looks like she’s got rigor mortis! 😉 My hound does the fast-asleep-shark-smile but she never sleeps on her back. If she’s very happy she’ll do a temporary wriggle about on her back or roll over a few times, but she can’t seem to balance there. Even with the aid of a wall…


    • We’ve got 2 who sleep on their backs! I have a great pic of Buddy sleeping on his back with his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth after a particularly active play date… No matter how they do it, there is something particularly peaceful about a sleeping hound 🙂


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