Great Weekend! Food & Wine, Fitness and Greyhounds

It was a great weekend! Three reasons I’m happy tonight:

1) Friday: We did some volunteer work at the local assisted living facilities with the hounds. Lucie and Buddy were able to make a lot of people smile! After our ‘work’ we went to lunch at a local food cart named Local Motion and enjoyed crab melt sandwiches with quinoa salad:


2) Saturday: I started the day with a 6 mile run on the East side of the river. Here is a nice view of the Hawthorne Bridge before I crossed over to get home:


After my run, Matt and I went to the PSU Farmers Market to pick up our veggies for the week and had lunch – tamales again:


Then we headed out to the Gorge for a hike with the dogs:




And drove to Hood River for a couple of wine tastings:


3) Sunday: We took the hounds to a Play Date and rest the rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing on the balcony:


Question: what did you do this weekend?



One thought on “Great Weekend! Food & Wine, Fitness and Greyhounds

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