Fun Run in the Sun

Three reasons I’m happy tonight:

1)  Lunch Run:  During a moment of sunshine today, after I noticed several meetings got rescheduled, I took advantage of my work from home flexibility and dashed out for a run during my lunch break.  It poured this morning and rained steadily later in the afternoon, so I literally caught a moment in the sun to enjoy the weather and quick workout.  After a couple of treadmill runs this week, it was nice to get outside for a change.  I headed out to the trail along the river.

2)  Running with Lucie:  Lucie woke up from her afternoon slumber and noticed I was lacing up my running shoes.  She seems to know when I’m headed outside and is not shy about letting me know she wants to come too. As a Greyhound, she is built for speed – not distance – so typically doesn’t run with me.  But when I’m scheduled for a short workout (2-2.5 miles) sometimes I’ll let her tag along.

She started at a very quick pace (although not a top speed for her) and I did my best to keep up with her.  As we hit 1 mile, she realized it’s time for a “potty break” and took care of business (several times).  When we approached 1.5-1.75 miles, she was tired and took many breaks, stopping to sniff everything she got her nose on:

photo 17

Or checking out the action out on the river:

photo 30

photo 18

In the final stretch, she started sprinting because she knew she was close to home.  I spent half the run laughing out loud at her enthusiasm and my attempts to either keep up with her or try to get her moving again.  This was a typical run with Lucie – lots of starting, stopping, a wide range of speeds, but it is a lot of fun.

3)  Funky Compression Socks:  While today’s short run probably didn’t warrant compression socks, I decided to wear my new plaid/pastel socks…  I might need more plaid socks in general!  Here’s a nice pic of my socks, taken while Lucie and I were stretching after our run:

photo 31

Question:  What did you do during your lunch break today?




One thought on “Fun Run in the Sun

  1. I ate a peanut butter sandwich at my desk and then drove to Starbucks for a complimentary hazelnut macchiato. Not bad. While you we’re busy burning calories, I was busy consuming them!


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