Strong Yoga in Rain Gear for Window Washing

Three reasons I’m happy tonight:

1) Yoga: I’m starting week 4 of my Half Marathon training plan. The running is going really well, but I’ve been so focused on my weekly mileage that I’ve slacked off on my cross training, like yoga and strength training. So this morning I queued up a “Yoga with Weights” routine from Yoga Download. It began without weights, running through several stretches and a series of sun salutations. It felt so good and reminded me why I like yoga so much, especially a day or so after a long run to help stretch my achy muscles. And then the weights were introduced…. and it was HARD! I’m sure the fact that I haven’t done any strength training in 3 weeks didn’t help, but my arms were trembling just trying to hold my 5 pound dumbbells while in a Warrior 2 position! I’m curious to see if I’ll be sore tomorrow, but I feel good now and am committed to adding yoga and strength training back into my routine (maybe just not at the same time!).

The Hounds joined me in the bedroom while I was practicing, and I have to say, they definitely add an extra sense of calm to the meditation at the end. Here is the view from the end of my yoga mat:


2) New Rain Boots: I learned the hard way the importance of proper rain gear in the Pacific Northwest. Especially when you have 2 big dogs and no backyard (this translates to at least 4 walks a day). With the exception of July-August, it is not uncommon for it to rain a little every day in Portland. It won’t rain ALL day, but at some point there could be precipitation. Even if you are lucky enough to venture out during a period when it isn’t raining, the grass might be wet and muddy, and since I indulge my dogs and allow them to walk and sniff all over the park, my footwear needs to be ready for the challenge. My shoes need to be waterproof, easily cleaned, and comfortable for the longer jaunts. When I first moved here, I discovered Sorrel boots and invested in a cute pair with pink plaid trim. I’ve worn them so much, they are starting to loose their tread, so I was very excited to find a pair at an end of season sale on-line for 70% off. They arrived in the mail today:


3)  Clean Windows:  Today was Window Washing Day in our building.  It’s great to have clean windows, especially now that it is lighter out later – the sunshine seems a little brighter after the spring cleaning.  The only problem with window washing is that Buddy tends to get a little defensive of the strange mad standing on the balcony tapping on the window.  He rarely barks, but he will go bonkers with window washers.  Which, I guess, is OK because generally speaking strange men outside my window is not a good thing and I’d appreciate it if he scared them off.  Here is a clip of him showing the window washers who is boss at our old building.  I wasn’t able to get a video today as I was actually trying to participate in a conference call at the time for work.  I spent quite a while on mute while Buddy protected us.

Question:  Have you started your spring cleaning yet?



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