Spring Shopping at the PSU Farmers Market

Three reasons I’m happy tonight:

1) Breakfast at PSU Farmers Market: Matt and I headed out to the spring opening of the Portland State University Farmers Market today! I love exploring the market on Saturday mornings and missed it when it was on ‘winter break’. We enjoyed our breakfast tamales from vendor Salvador Molly’s:



2) Kale: After breakfast, we shopped. We picked up a few vegetable necessities (kales, arugula, brussel sprouts) and some other staples (rolled oats, whole wheat flour). I LOVE kale and I love to eat it raw, massaged with olive oil, salt sand lemon juice. This time of year there are so many varieties available:




3) Daffodils: We had Daffodils at our wedding, so I’m particularly fond of this flower that only seems available in early spring. I got a bunch for only $3 and then pulled out a few wine bottles out the recycle bin to use as vases:



Question: What is your favorite spring flower?



One thought on “Spring Shopping at the PSU Farmers Market

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