10K A Day Challenge

Three reasons I’m happy tonight:

1. My new pedometer: Last month, my department at work organized a wellness competition. Everyone earned points for working out, sharing healthy recipes, etc. Also as part of the program, we received pedometers to help us keep track of our ‘steps per day’ as a way to earn points. Unfortunately I didn’t receive mine right away so I wasn’t able to use it for the competition, but I finally programmed it today and started using it. The team’s goal was for everyone to try to get 10,000 steps per day. Due to multiple walks with my dogs and a 3.5 miles run, I exceeded 10k today:

It will be fun to keep track of my steps per day with the goal of getting 10k a day.

2. Wellness winnings: Even without the pedometer, the wellness competition was right up my alley, so I dove into the deep end earning, keeping track of and submitting my points. Originally the goal was to score more points as a team then we did last year. But I found out today that the organizers were also giving prizes to the top 3 point earners – and apparently I won! I’m looking forward to receiving my $75 American Express gift card – I’ll likely put it towards a new pair of running shoes.

3. New local restaurant opens – We don’t have many restaurants within walking distance, so it was a big deal when Little Big Burger opened today They celebrated their grand opening today with free burgers… So there was a line around the corner ALL DAY! I didn’t have the patience to wait in that line (too busy walking 10k steps!) but I’m excited to check it out soon.


Question: Would you wait in line for a free burger?



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