Sleepy Shamrocks on a Sunday

Sundays can be tough, since the start of a new work week is looming over you.  It can be especially hard after a really great weekend, since you have to wait five days until your next weekend.  Let the count down until next Friday night begin!

1)  Shamrock shakes.  As a kid I always loved March and the green, minty goodness of a Shamrock shake.  On the drive home from the coast, we hit up a drive thru to get a couple shakes for lunch.  Sooooo not healthy.  But oh sooooo yummy.  It has been ages since I’ve been to Mickey-Ds, because I didn’t even realize the put whip cream and a cherry on top of their shakes now.  It was a nice treat, but I will not be making a habit of it.  I ended up going extra long on the elliptical machine this afternoon to try to make a dent in all the calories I consumed.


2)  Sleepy dogs.  After our fun-filled weekend of beach walks, hiking and running, Buddy and Lucie have been sleeping ALL DAY.  They didn’t even get up to greet Matt at the front door when he got back from the grocery store.  They might sleep until the middle of next week…  It makes me tired just looking at them.  Can I take a nap now?

photo 16

3)  Husbands who cook dinner.  As I type this, Matt is in the kitchen prepping food for tonight.  I see various measuring cups out and a big mixing bowl.  He is making pizza dough from scratch!  He went on a solo run to the grocery store while I knocked out a few loads of laundry, so I’m not sure kind of pizza is on the menu yet, but I always enjoy a meal when someone else cooks for me.

Question:  Do you prefer to cook for others – or have others cook for you?



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