Running to a Wine Walk

Three reasons I’m happy tonight:

1) Running with the hounds: I started the day with a run. I split up my 4 mile run into 2 runs on the beach, taking turns running with Lucie and Bud. Lucie was a champ – she really wanted to go fast! Buddy alternated between sprinting, jogging, and standing around staring at other dogs. It was a nice interval workout!

Buddy and me by Haystack Rock:


And a quick stretch after the run:


2) Hiking: This afternoon we hiked around Cape Falcon:


3) Wine walk: Early evening was spent enjoying the Cannon Beach Wine Walk. Over 40 local wineries were doing tasting throughout the area in local galleries, restaurants, and hotels. We did NOT make it to all 40, but we made it to quite a few:


Question: Do you have a favorite local vineyard? Did you first discover them at a wine tasting?



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