Sunny Anniversary

Yesterday Matt and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary! It seems like just yesterday he was putting that ring on my (wrong) finger… Inside joke – since we were on a budget and didn’t pay for a rehearsal, during our vows he tried to put my wedding ring on the wrong hand. When it didn’t fit, we had a chuckle during the ceremony as he apologized to our guests for the mistake.

Three reasons I’m happy tonight:

1) Dinner at a nice Italian restaurant: We celebrated by going out to a tasty diner at a cena, a great restaurant across the river in Sellwood. It was our first time there, and we will definitely go back! Here is a pic of our antipasto appetizer with a selection of local cheese, smoked meats, and olives. It reminded me of all the tapas we enjoyed during our honeymoon in Spain:


2) Friday on a Thursday! Today was the end of the work week for me…. We both took a vacation day on Friday so we could drive out early to the coast.

3) Sunny spring weather: While it is still a little cool (50s), it was a beautiful sunny day. I enjoyed a brisk 3 mile run, and afterward I stretched out on the balcony under the supervision of Lucie and Buddy (they LOVE laying out on the balcony and soaking up some rays!):


Are you lucky enough to be enjoying the early signs of spring?




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