Running on the Beach

About the only time I can get Buddy to run with me is when we are at the beach.  When I try to take him jogging in Portland, he’ll get so excited and try to sprint.  As soon as he realizes how slow I am, he will stop, lock his legs, put his head down and refuse to move forward – like he is pouting.  Oh Buddy!  The pic below shows us at Manzanita Beach in July 2011.

1)  Running with Bud – We were taking our afternoon walk, but he decided he wanted to run!


2)  The Best Pizza in Oregon – After our “run” – we picked up a pizza in town from Marzanos – I will likely have new blog posts this summer all about the Spicy Italian, so I won’t even get into it now!

3)  Lots of Walks on the Beach – Manzanita is my favorite town on the Oregon Coast – the wide beach with the mountainous back drop is perfect for lots of walks, hikes and running!




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